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Celebrating God, Building Community, Making Connections

NBC is a community of Christians affiliated with Queensland Baptists who connect with the express purpose of sharing the grace of God with the Northern Beaches of Townsville. We are a new kind of old church committed to engaging our community in a contemporary way while holding on to the ancient truths of the Bible.

We exist to celebrate God in all we do, to build authentic community with one another, and make connections with the community around us.

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    Ok ladies - it is time! 🌹
    Beauty & the Beast has finally arrived. If you would like to join us, the salt sisters are heading to Readings 6:30pm next Saturday 25th March to watch it together.
    The cost is $12.50. Angela is happy to pre-purchase your tickets so bring the money to church tomorrow & she will get that sorted through the week.
    I can't wait 😃
    -- Sandy

    We're in love with this new clip from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Is it March 17th yet? Get tickets:

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    Such is the beauty of God's creation that it shouts out its witness of the God of heaven and earth.

    It is the simplest thing in the world to be a witness of Jesus given His beauty.

    Psalm 27:4


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